ALL NEW AIRCRAFT IN 2021 at the 25th Annual AIRFEST at NASW! In Partnership with The Military Aviation Museum…. Come See a PBY… | Things to Do in Cape May NJ

ALL NEW AIRCRAFT IN 2021 at the 25th Annual AIRFEST at NASW!
In Partnership with The Military Aviation Museum….
Come See a PBY Catalina, Junkers JU-52, and a Wildcat!

The Catalina – An American flying boat of 1930’s design that was one of the most widely used, multi-role, designs of the war. It served in military branches as an observation, night attack, maritime patrol, bomber, air-sea rescue, and anti-submarine aircraft.

The Catalina’s outstanding range and endurance made her the key element in the destruction of the German battleship Bismarck and the Japanese fleet at the Battle of Midway, where a Catalina also rescued the sole survivor of Torpedo Squadron Eight, Ensign George Gay.

MAM’s “Cat” was accepted in October 1943, & had an extensive career that took her to San Diego, Norfolk, French Morocco, Canary Islands, Gibraltar, & the Azores, but her civilian career was far more interesting.

JU-52 – First flown in 1930, the tri-motor “Iron Annie” saw service in military and civilian airline roles. In her military role, she was used as a troop transport, cargo, bomber, and paratroop platform. The unusual duralumin skin and wing spars and the corrugation provided extra strength and stiffening of the structure.

The aircrafts light armament and low speed made it vulnerable to fighter attack, and losses grew dramatically as the war progressed. MAM’s Ju 52 was built by Spain in 1950. It carries the markings of the early war campaign in Crete. The crests on the nose are the coats of arms of the cities of Brandenburg and Hapsburg.

Only seven Ju 52’s remain flyable, and the MAM’s example is the only one flying in North America.

The Wildcat – An American carrier-based fighter built by Grumman that entered service in 1940 with the U.S. Navy and the British Royal Navy (as the “Martlet”). In the Pacific, it was the only fighter available in the early war, and it was only with superior tactics that it achieved a 6:1 kill ratio in the first year of the war.

Lessons learned from the Wildcat led to the Grumman Hellcat, but the Wildcat continued to serve throughout the war on “jeep” carriers that were too small to take on larger aircraft. Wildcats built under license by GM were designated FM-2 as distinct from the Grumman F4F.

No less authority than British test pilot Eric Brown said “I would still assess the Wildcat as the outstanding naval fighter of the early years of WWII …this Grumman fighter was one of the finest shipboard aeroplanes ever created.”

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